I love my dogs

I love dogs because in my opinion they are sometimes more loyal than human beings. I have three dogs; each one is unique and very special for me and my family. The first that came to my home is Scooby, he is a Doberman pinscher and  he is very small, he is brown and thin, is very playful, he always want to run or bite something, especially my sandals and  shoes, he  likes to go to the park and  run. He was a gift from my actual boyfriend because we were celebrating our second year as a couple and he was the best gift that I have ever received. I love Scooby to death and I give him a bunch of love as I do to my other dogs. The second dog is Scoot Galileo; I can say that he is the cutest dog ever. He is a dachshund, he is light brown and he loves to eat, he is always hungry and he adores licking to demonstrate his love and hardly ever barks unless he is afraid. Finally my third and last dog is Lobito, he is a Siberian husky, he is black and white and he is only three months old. I like lobito a lot, he is not friendly but I know he can change if we give him love. I just cannot imagine a life without my dogs because they are like my sons and I love them a lot. I read a phrase that I really like from an anonymous person saying: “I can destroy your garden, your shoes and your pillow but never your heart”.






I love to sleep

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I think that my favorite activity is sleeping, since I was a child I have liked to sleep and nowadays this common activity is wonderful for me. I hate to wake up early and that is why this semester I changed my schedule and on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I have my first class at eleven in the morning so I have time to wake up, take a shower, get dress and have breakfast but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a class that starts at eight in the morning so I have to wake up early and I hate that. On vacations I had the habit of go to sleep at two in the morning and then wake up at noon and I love it. Sometimes after work I sleep because I come exhausted. I know that sleep a lot can be prejudicial for my health and it can affect my punctuality and I know that I have to moderate my sleep habits.